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These plugins are recognised by BOSS and have been sorted according to its masterlist. Please read any attached messages and act on any that require action.

The following plugins were not found in the masterlist, and must be positioned manually, using your favourite mod manager or by using BOSS's user rules functionality. You can submit unrecognised plugins for addition to the masterlist directly from this log by clicking on a plugin and supplying a link and/or description of its contents in the panel that is displayed.

The BOSS Log can be displayed using an alternative colour scheme, which can be enabled and customised using the options below. Colours must be specified using their lowercase hex codes. The default value for each element is displayed as the placeholder for its text box, and this value is used if the text box is left empty. Some examples of colour codes that can be used may be found here.

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You can back up your display settings to avoid losing them when you clear your browser's cache. Backup files are given nonsensical names by your browser, but you can rename them to whatever you want. Drag and drop a backup file into this panel to restore the settings it contains.

Support for the BOSS Log's more advanced features varies. Here's what your browser supports:


In-Log Plugin SubmissionAllows unrecognised plugins to be anonymously submitted to the BOSS team directly from the BOSS Log.
Backup/Restore of Display SettingsAllows the backup and restore of custom display settings.
Settings MemoryAllows the BOSS Log to automatically restore the display settings and filter configuration last used, and to hide this panel, whenever the BOSS Log is opened.


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